People often ask me, of all the garments types possible, why ties? Well, my answer is a simple one. In my opinion, since Gianni Versace passed away, very few designers or companies wanted to make a heavy investment in unique ties. They know the conservative ones will sell, so why go to the trouble. I was a fan of Gianni’s work since I don’t know when and the one thing about wearing his ties was that you would carve out your own look wherever you went. I miss him and I miss the new ties coming out.

Mens TiesIn my opinion, a male can only wear a belt, watch or tie that is unique, without seeming to be outside the norm, if you will; shoes are so-so but they can get you in trouble. A tie can make a statement instantly, is noticeable, and makes a statement about who you are. Unlike a shirt, that can disproportionately ruin a message, a tie is a tightly contained message. No one compliments you on your black suit if you are a male. I have at least 10 such suits in every combination of shade and pattern you can find a black suit. Does anyone notice? I doubt it. When I wear an expressive tie, on the other hand, they do.

America has become very conservative in some ways and people seem to be sold on the concept so something that appeals to the most people and brings the last criticism. As a result, you will see CEOs, politicians, and other powerful people wearing a black or blue tie, and on days they want to really make a statement, it’s read, and it may have white lines or dots. That’s it. Well, I would like to provide the leaders of business with the opportunity to let loose. I would like to provide them with the opportunity of being able to show their personality, to show what is hidden inside that may or may not find a creative outlet. On the other hand, I did not want to offer the gentry a tie they would be concerned about wearing it in public (if indeed they are using it for the main purpose for which it was designed; out advertising campaign notwithstanding) and feel that it did not meet the standards of class, quality, definition, and opulence to which they are accustomed.

Mens Ties We are looking forward to creating movement that makes it cool for a man to wear a tie, because it is. It completes an outfit nicely, especially if it is expressive. The lapels of the jacket truly frame the tie….an unbuttoned shirt with a suit just does not cut it, nor does untying your tie and keeping it around your neck (do you notice, with that visual, how powerful a tie is)? That being stated, you may have seen photos of me with a bow-tie de-knotted and laid on my collar…when I ‘arrived’ at an event…I feel a bow-tie is so different and the look creates a fashion statement; not the same with a necktie.

Wearing a necktie is unique in that you can wear it anywhere on the planet and you may receive a compliment…..it is truly universal and noticed by many different people. We are all of us individuals and strive to express our individuality…how better than with a tie! Although most people don’t have the time to design and have a tie made, they do have the power of choice….they can choose the tie and the look for any particular day. In fact, with the same shirt, there can be a large array of looks a man can create with an array of different neckties. A necktie makes a lovely fashion accessory for any room. Easily movable and replaceable, laid across a table or the back of a chair, it can create a mood, a feeling. It can be kept on the passenger seat of a car. If, wearing a particular tie, you have an awesome day, you need simply take it out of your collection or replace it, while putting the original in your souvenir box with all of its attendant carma.