Some of our loyal clients who are following our progress and brand have been asking us to explain what our brand philosophy is and what they can look forward to expecting from us in the future.

The company, which, was originally going to only sell ties, is establishing its brand and positioning with ties, but will be stratifying both vertically and horizontally. We are launching both the brand and our advertising campaign with a line of 15 ties. The ties are a collaboration between myself and my designer in Lake Como who is capable of taking my concepts and translating them into works of art. We started with 5 ties, then expanded to 10, and when I flew to Milan, 5 more designs came into being.
High End Tie Designs
Our designs are meant to be works of art, as well as both practical and exemplary. A tie completes the man. When is the last time you males were complimented on your black suits,,,, or any suits for that matter? Apart from a nice belt, the only piece of clothing that really stands out is a tie…and wearing one of ours is meant to get you compliments.

Our original designs take a lot of time to come into being and as a result, we feel they should be highlighted. What we mean is that we can use those designs for other pieces of clothing so they can be enjoyed either by more people or on more than one occasion.

Our next line was started by trying to ascertain what would be an article of clothing that is not currently flooding the market. This serves two purposes: we establish our own niche and we are not competing with the many other good designers out there for the same item of clothing.

What emerged after some thinking was that women everywhere were missing something to wear when they wake up in the morning and make that first cup of coffee. I wanted to create something that they could wear and have a look of class and sexiness without having to wear a bathrobe that gives her man/woman an idea of how she will look when she is a grandmother. Women everywhere were missing this garment that would come in especially handy when they had someone new they wanted to impress….not the time for wearing a bathrobe, but then again not practical to walk naked when the windows faced the neighbors’.

As time went on, I decided that it should be made of white silk with gold piping, adding that touch of class, but without being overbearing. Additionally, I wanted to have our pattern on the back, but I felt something was missing. Emily suggested we wrap the designs around the sleeves and I thought that was absolutely brilliant. I did not want to overwhelm the robe with color, but wanted to make it distinctive. Our pattern designer then got to work on making the design. We examined a number of different options and then finally came to a decision with one of the designs. We will now examine options for print and manufacture in Italy. The designs have been shipped to Lake Como and we are working on them now; the first few should be ready in 60-90 days’ time, but in plenty of time for this Christmas season. We foresee two markets for them: the women who want to make an impression, as well as the men who want to get their woman something she has never had and will treasure. The collection will be called “Signorina” which translates to ‘Miss”.

Stefano Riznyk and Your Design Team