Antonio Stefano and Charity

Mens AccessoriesMany people ask us about the charitable part of Antonio Stefano, what it’s about, and how it works. With that in mind, I created this article to help you understand the history and progression of our goals.

I designed this company with dogs in mind, in the sense that my inspiration was the building of my dog hospital. For those who do not know, I am working on earning $20 million for a diagnostic-intensive dog hospital where the public pays, but 100% of the profits go to a trust account. Whenever a shelter has an abused and abandoned dog, they may attend the hospital for free major medical medical, and that is where the profits will go. To make this happen, I am committing at least 49% of the profits from this company, and another that launched simultaneously, Relationships 901.High End Ties

It donates to my 501(c)(3) charity called the “Tony and Charlie Riznyk charity for abused & abandoned dogs” , which operates with a fictitious name of Abused and Abandoned (.com). In its earliest stages, I started the Charlie Riznyk (my dog) school of conversational English when I lived in Rome. My goal was to raise money for shelters in 2010. When I moved back to the United States (San Diego), I later founded the Black Tie Cigar Club. As I owned a business law firm and most of my friends were CEOs, I felt I could grow the organization. I later found out that many dog owners do not like smoke, and that cigar smokers we attracted, on the other hand, were not willing to donate money for dogs, so I renamed it the Black Tie CEO Club and smoking was eliminated, and we worked our way into fashion shows. I discovered this was the wrong city in which to throw high-end events as the people we seemed to attract were very money-conscious. As a result, we stopped throwing shows, with the last one welcoming 550 people.

At this time, what makes the most sense and can raise money fastest is a for-profit project that can simply donate to our non-profit. The money is all being kept in a trust account until we have enough with which to build our hospital. Additionally, our books can be audited by any global top10 accountancy firm, or our own, Ventura, Kuehn, and Associates. In this way you can be 100% certain that we are part of the group that does what we state we will.

I am in the process of assembling a Board of Directors in order to have this organization continue in perpetuity and perhaps expand in the future.

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