Welcome To Antonio Stefano

Well Hello and Welcome Everybody:

This day has been a long time coming and I would like to welcome each and every one of you to our Antonio Stefano fashion community. I am the Stefano of Antonio Stefano, the CEO and lead designer.

We are going to use this online magazine/blog to keep you posted of fashion events, model casting calls, new clothing lines, updates of our trips to Italy, and other things that will keep you coming back. The AntonioStefano.com site will be used for product sales only. Mens Fashion

The team behind Antonio Stefano is using all of its skills developed over a lifetime in their respective careers so that Antonio Stefano will have the benefit of the best of the best in every sense and at every turn; it is a very unique team of creative and business people. The business people have skills in a diverse number of areas, and these skills will help us accelerate the growth of our company as every day counts when you want to help abused dogs. We look forward to having you join us in this very exciting journey and will keep you posted of developments as they occur so that you can see the company flourish into a well-known international fashion brand; just watch us!

Last but not least, this company was founded ‘because’, of the desire to raise money to build a diagnostic-intensive hospital that will serve the public and channel 100% of its profits to a trust fund so that any shelter in our community with an abused and abandoned dog can have all our services free. I hope to meet you all somewhere sooner or later and thank you again for joining use.

With warmest regards

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Stefano Riznyk
CEO/Lead Designer
Antonio Stefano CEO/Lead Designer