Our Brand is in Business to Build a Dog Hospital

Some people are not aware of the fact that our brand became a reality out of my desire to fund a canine hospital supporting abused and abandoned dogs. The hospital will be 'for' profit and diagnostic and dental intensive. We are hoping that nearby vets forward us patients who require testing of all sorts (MRI/CT/EKG/etc) that they do not offer in their offices. In turn, the hospital will devote 100% of its profits to a trust fund. When a shelter in a radius surrounding it has an abused and abandoned dog, it can simply call the hospital and the diagnostics, dental, surgery, and even grooming will be provided, giving the animal a fresh chance in life. What I also feel is that our pricing model will help generate profits. We will use a 'Priceline'-type method whereby the pricing of our diagnostic facilities will depend on the time of day in which someone requires us. No different than an airplane on the ground, our machines have no value if they are not working. When we have quiet times at night, we will reduce our fees so that many more people can afford to have their pets diagnosed. The goal is to have 3 8-hour shifts working non-stop.

Abandoned dogs are those who have no owners. They are the first to be euthanized as no one speaks up for them. If they are not only abandoned but also abused, they have never known life. Moreover, they have the strongest characters. I believe they should get a chance to know what living and love are all about.Dog Hospital Charity

Having just spent over $30,000 in vet bills in the past 2.5 years, I am well aware of the challenge vets face. Dogs cannot tell them what is wrong; it takes a lot more than you imagine to be a vet or a pediatrician. It is for this reason I want my facility to be diagnostic intensive (MRI, CT scan, etc.). Once the diagnosis is completed, the rest is so much easier, relatively speaking. I do not want to compete with any major hospitals in Southern California; I believe we can all work together and achieve our goals. Our business methodologies will be 'open source' so that any other facility that wants to support abused dogs can do so. In addition, they still have 51% of the profits to do with as they please.

As to our medical methodologies, we will be delighted to help other veterinarians. I want to have a 'human' surgeon on board so that we can create new procedures for dogs. Think about it. A dog owner may not have $50,000 for a major procedure. We, on the other hand, get the machines and doctors 'wholesale' if you will (i.e. annual salary + bonuses) and we have the means with which to try procedures that people would not risk because of the inherent costs. Additionally, abused and abandoned dogs have no one to stand up for them. As long as we can improve the quality of their lives without hurting them, we can use those procedures to learn new ones to help many animals in need. Our diagnostic tools will attract some of the best surgeons in the country. We may qualify for grants, and we will certainly work with other vets to make us all, as an animal-loving group, better at what we do. I will finally have a use for my degree in biochemistry and experimental genetics!

Thank you for being a part of all this. We are out to design products that don't just want to be sold because they support animals. We want to supply clothing that will get you noticed and make you the leader in any crowd. We will never stop working with the best people we can find to make this a brand you will be proud of wearing for many reasons. Again, welcome to our community!

Your CEO and Chief Creative Director

Stefano Riznyk


Edward Gains's picture

I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing. I live in an area, which unfortunately sees it's share of abused animals, especially dogs and I am delighted this company is doing something about it. Good Luck

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